Rocket League CS Season X begins next week

The next season of RLCS is about to start next week, starting with the open qualifiers and followed by the most event at the weekend. Guild Esports is already qualified for the most event by being an RLCS Season 9 team, and can be joined by 22 new teams throughout the week to finish a complete of 32. The week after, we'll determine who takes the lead within the ladder when the primary regional event wraps up and therefore the first points are awarded for the ultimate placement within the tournament.

The overhaul means there won't be a league system anymore, but a series of events and Majors, which culminate in an annual World Championship. not will teams have two shots a year at becoming world champion. Come next year, it's all or nothing for these teams, with a prize pool to match it.

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2020-07-27 11:11:05