Rocket League players, Let's celebrate Halloween with Haunted Hallows

The new mode may sound different, but it’s really just Heatseeker on a spookier map. Still, Heatseeker may be a crowd-favorite and holiday-themed maps are always a welcome addition to Rocket League. sedge is additionally returning for this event. but unlike Haunted Heatseeker, it's not limited to the Haunted Urban Arena.

Unfortunately, it's like there are not any new items coming with this event, which is disappointing. This does, however, mark the primary time that a licensed car in Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 will make its thanks to the shop. Psyonix also notes that they're trying to urge others, like Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. and therefore the Batmobile, back to the item shop.


Of course, a Rocket League holiday event isn't complete without the appropriately named item boxes. For Halloween, players are going to be ready to obtain Golden Pumpkins, which may be opened for free of charge for an opportunity at items from the now-retired loot boxes. Since the free-to-play update, however, events will work a touch differently than before. rather than a currency awarded at the top of a web match that players can use to shop for items and pumpkins, players will now undergo specific challenges. These challenges will award items, and players who want it all will need to do all of them. Fortunately, the challenges are usually very simple.

The Rocket League event will begin tomorrow, October 20, and can run a fortnight. For a preview of the Ghostbusters items, inspect the official announcement.

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