Rocket League skills limit has become infinite

Often more than 150,000 simultaneous players are seen in the Rocket League, of which less than 1,000 are looking for "snowy weather," a model that replaced Soccar with hockey. This is the rocket league the lowest of all game types, second only to the new Dropshot and Hoops modes. This is really a shame because Snowy is the best model in Rocket Alliance, at least if you ask players who saved it in 2015.

So why do not more people play my favorite mode? "Snowy" may be considered a gimmick, which is why it was the first to be presented, the lack of ranking games. But those who tried it knew that Socar was as challenging as Soccar in a different way.

Playing on the wall is almost always the best way to put a puck in front of the goal, each time you lose direction. Predicting hockey travel is also a challenge, enabling "aka ground pinch" to be performed by flipping hockey balls at just the right angles. These powerful shots can reach 200 kilometers per hour, hockey can easily swim in the arena without any contact. It's fast, it's ruthless, it's incredible.

Rocket League skills limit has become infinite. Controlling the ball at Soccar takes hundreds, if not thousands of hours of practice, and most skills do not translate into Snow Day. Hockey has the habit of flipping and jumping. But with enough experience, you can see an ice hockey roll up in the air and determine if it will be flat against the wall, making a simple clear, or hitting the edge of the wall with some possible results. Controlling and "stabilizing hockey" like real hockey players dealing with choppy ice is very satisfying and practical. It's one thing to know the bouncing of the ball, but when you play it, you can skip it and the sensitivity and patience you need to be patient and observable increases when almost any contact is flipped and turned.

Because of this, the game often boils down to a good barrier. Most of the goals are to knock down the ice hockey in front of the goal by grinding the opponent on the wall so that the teammate can score. This is not to say that antennas are uncommon in the snow, but because the ice hockey is flat and often rotates on both sides, the same antenna can cause 'a good tip' at Soccar to slip away from your car painfully.

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