Rocket League’s progress update will start next week

Psyonix announced today that the latest update to the Rockets Alliance will revolutionize the game's XP and process systems and will be available on all platforms on August 29.

Psyonix said the upgrade will launch a "Rocket Pass" a week later. The new XP system and the $9.99 Rocket Pass were announced in June.

The change in progress means that XP will get new in online competitions instead of offline competitions, canceling the 75-level cap and flattening the number of XPs needed to upgrade. Upgrading under the new system can give players an unusual or better quality random item; it replaces the existing random drop system. The level title will now be unlocked at some XP milestones, although all existing titles that the player has already won will remain.

The Progress Update will also add a "Club" that allows players to organize and compete for teams under custom tabs. The club will support up to 20 members.

As for the Rocket Pass, this will be a good way to get all the new content that the Rocket Alliance is currently running. All of this content can still be unlocked through free games, and Psyonix said in June that it would take about 100 hours to collect.

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