Some Animal Crossing Players Suffered from Hacking and Cheating in Dream Suite

In the Animal Crossing New Horizons's 1.4.0 patch, the summer update 2 brought new features to all players, including weekly fireworks shows, new items and dream suite. With new features in Dream Suite, plenty of players are fond of Dream Suite. However, some players are suffering from hacking and cheating.  

As we all know, Dream Suite allows players to visit islands created by other players in a dream and lets them tour and explore without anything being permanently saved, which means that they can explore as much as they want. Notably, the update included a way for players to report any islands they think violates the Nintendo Code of Conduct, which includes cheating or hacking. 


The gaming YouTuber Verlisify has also been reporting any islands that are using hacked items to Nintendo. In fact, there’s a compilation of these reports, and it seems like others are also reporting islands for the same infraction. For this reason, a few players has received a message from Nintendo, saying that their dream islands were deleted because it violates the Nintendo Account User Agreement, including the Nintendo Code of Conduct. 

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2020-08-06 15:01:09