Some Tips That You Should Know to Step into the Next Rank in Rocket League

Rocket League, the rocket-powered cars meet soccer game, has always been a big hit of Psyonix. It has been fascinated by millions of fans since release in 2015. Besides, it is also a competitive game with a total of 20 ranks for players to upgrade. In order to move on to a high rank, lots of players continue to play the game day and night. Here are some tips that you should notice in level upgrade.  


List of Rocket League Ranking System 

Before you move on to the next rank, you are supposed to know Rocket League's ranking system. As we all know, there are 20 levels in Rocket League. Just you can see in the following list, each tier has 3 sub-ranks apart from the unranked and Grand Champion.  


Bronze (Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze III)

Silver (Silver I, Silver II, Silver III)

Gold (Gold I, Gold II, Gold III)

Platinum (Platinum I, Platinum II, Platinum III)

Diamond (Diamond I, Diamond II, Diamond III)

Champion (Champion I, Champion II, Champion III)

Grand Champion  

Tips for Moving on to the Next Rank in Rocket League

1. If you are in the rank of Bronze or Silver, you must drive slow, pay less attention to boost, and focus on where you hit the ball. Once you've decided you're driving at the right angle, don't boost to mess it up. Take your time with shots, it's more important not to miss than it is to get the ball to go where you want. 

2. If you are in the Gold rank, you need to fix your attention on aerials and catches. 

3. If you are in the Platinum rank, you must focus on corner clears and far post rotation, and flicking in the correct direction for boomers so as to get more precise. 

4. If you are in the Diamond rank, you are supposed to pay more attention to flicks, aerial control, long-distance backwall (not backboard) clears, rotation, actually controlling the ball direction on every touch - touches here should start counting towards something and not be focused on JUST hitting the ball before your opponent.

5. Last but not the least, practice makes prefect. Good strategies should be subject to numerous practices. All you should do is to practice more. 

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