Something That You Should Know about Escape from Tarkov Ammo

Ammo is of great importance in Escape from Tarkov, which varies dramatically based on ammo type, caliber, intended usage and your objective. Therefore, this is no good or bad for you. The best ammo for you must allow you to reliably penetrate your expected opponent's armor at the ranges you plan to fight. 

Ammo, also called rounds or bullets, receive a lot of community attention in Escape From Tarkov and for good reason as they are your primary means of dispatching enemies in fights. As a new, intermediate or budget conscious player in the game, it may be difficult to determine the best ammo to be used in Tarkov. Here is a small guide for you! 


Quick Guide for Escape from Tarkov Ammo 

5.56 - M995 is the only one that penetrates high-end armor.

5.45 - BS is slightly better than 7N39, either works.

9x18 - SP7. PMM is better against armor, but you shouldn’t be using 9mm against armor.

9x19 - CCI. Yes, AP 6.3 is better against armor, but you shouldn’t be using 9mm against armor.

7.62x39 - BP is the only one that penetrates high-end armor.

Shotguns - Unless you know what you’re doing with slugs, use buckshot, and consider loading a couple flechette rounds in.

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