Tera's Latest Update is Coming Soon

Are you ready for TERA's latest update?

Following close behind Skywatch: Aerial Island, the new update gives players more opportunities to level up and unlock the Exodor content.

Or, if you’re already there, you can work toward acquiring your own Fiery Celestial Dragon or Jade Celestial Dragon!

Here’s how to optimize your journey to Exodor:

Method One - Vanguard Reward Event

Complete at least one Vanguard Request each day, and you’ll earn Celestial Scales.

Use these scales to open the Event Item Exchange, where you can purchase XP Scrolls for a quick XP boost.

Keep completing Vanguard Requests, and you’ll quickly earn enough XP to advance you from level 65 to level 68.

Method Two - Dungeons

Complete select dungeons (item level 431 of higher) to earn Celestial Boxes (and the Celestial Keys to open them) as boss drops. Each Celestial Box contains up to five Celestial Scales. The boxes and keys are exclusively available in these dungeons until December 10:

Lilith’s Keep (Ace), Akasha’s Hideout (Ace), Golden Labyrinth (Ace), Red Refuge, Dark Reach Citadel, Shadow Sanguinary, Macellarius Catacombs, Ruinous Manor, RK-9 Kennel, Velik's Sanctuary, Grotto of Lost Souls, Antaroth's Abyss, Velik's Sanctuary (Hard), Ruinous Manor (Hard), RK-9 Kennel (Hard), Gossamer Vault, Demokron Factory, Antaroth's Abyss (Hard), Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard), Bahaar's Sanctum, Demokron Factory (Hard), Gossamer Vault (Hard), Forsaken Island, Forsaken Island (Hard), and Verrak Fortress.


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