The Best Rocket League Cars for Rocket League Gamers in 2020

Rocket League is a popular soccer video game which has attracted millions of players since release in 2015. As we all know, Rocket League features all kinds of cars. Rocket League players can choose what they like. However, for beginners, they have no idea about which cars are the best. Here we introduce you some of the best cars for Rocket League players. 


List of 8 Best Cars in Rocket League 

Octane - It's a solid and all-around effective car, which is suitable to both newbies and veterans. With smooth driving feeling and decent hitbox, it is designed to accommodate the broadest range of playstyles.  

Dominus - As one of the popular cars, it is more favorable to those who value power and offense. With a solid, flat and medium-height build, it allows players to hit the ball frequently and effectively. 

Breakout -  Featuring a blocky and unappealing design, it is an impactful car with mobility and speed. Its flat top makes it easy for players to hit balls directly into the goal. 

Mantis - It is a lengthy car, which allows players to cover the ball with greater ease, especially at ground level.   

Nimbus - It is a short car with a narrow hitbox and also an all-round solid and versatile vehicle.   

Takumi -  With a smooth feel, it is easy to handle and fun to play with. 

Batmobile - Featuring a unique design and flat shape, it allows you to dribble and control the ball easily. 

Merc - It is a gigantic and hefty car that is comfortable to drive. Even though it is not good at handling and boosting, it does well in strength and size. 

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