The Most Powerful Guns in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a unique FPS game because it has plenty of arsenal of firearms. More than 60 guns are available in Escape from Tarko and every one of them can be changed for its better counterpart. There is no limitations for the gun, which is up to your imagination. In this article, we will talk about the most powerful guns in Escape from Tarkov. 


Best Weapons in Escape from Tarkov 

Different people may have different opinions on the best weapons in Escape from Tarkov. Here are some of the best ones in the mind of the majority of players. Either pro players or beginners, no matter which weapon you are using, please make sure you are able to bring out its true potential. 

SA-58 - The SA-58 is an American gun that has the best raw damage output in the entire game.   

M4A1 - M4A1 is definitely the best choice for medium-range engagements, which is easily handled and reasonably accurate.

AS VAL - AS VAL is a Russian Assault Carbine designed for the USSR’s special forces. It has an integrated suppressor. Ideal for a stealthy approach, the VAL is truly one of the best guns in Escape from Tarkov.

HK - The HK has a fantastic range and a slightly faster rate of fire compared to the M4A1, with an accuracy rating to match. 

RSASS - The Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System is a rather freakishly accurate sniper rifle. It boasts a range of 900 meters and a strong fire rate. Moreover, it has great penetration and deals tons of damage. 

AKM - The AKM is an improved version of AK47 with greater accuracy and much lighter weight. It is deadly at  medium-range and does good at long range too.

VSS Vintorez - It is a sniper rifle designed in the Soviet Union for special forces operations. It uses the same ammunition as the VAL, and as such has the same strengths and defects. In skilled hands, this is the best stealthy weapon in Escape from Tarkov.

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