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MapleStory 2, a popular MMORPG that is loved by worldwide maplers. It was globally released in 2018 and has since received some heavy story content update to keep players pleased. To make it more attractive among players, Nexon launched a new update for the game, which is now available on Nexon Launcher and Steam.

The update includes a new Dungeon Helper system that allows players to be able to pair up with veteran MapleStory 2 players to assist them with difficult dungeons in order to help them progress through the game. This will definitely help new players get to a higher level quicker to enjoy post-game content with their friends.


In addition, a new skill rebalance has been added for Job Rank II skills that have been applied to several classes focusing primarily on ramping up less popular skill trees and provide players will more choices. This update has been influenced by player feedback and the developer will adjust this in future updates. Maple life updates have also been integrated into the game through this update including a 90% permanent price reducing to all overworld house plots’purchase, rent, and contract extension.

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