The Rocket League still has a lot of improvements worth looking forward to


Since its initial release in 2015, Rocket League has received plenty of significant improvements (and a handful of less meaningful ones).

Rocket League still has a lot of room for improvement in the future. Here are a few examples.

Improved Trade Systems

The in-game economy was drastically altered shortly after Epic Games acquired Psyonix. Rocket League Credits replaced keys, and crates were replaced with a more realistic purchase structure.

Most Rocket League Items now have a more defined price, giving you more confidence in your credit. Regrettably, few changes have been done in the area of trading.

Customizable Chat Options

Although hearing "What a save!" seconds after missing that easy clean can be irritating, the value of in-game conversation is immeasurable.

You can converse with someone without having to listen to that one slanted player yelling down his mike as his friend plays music. Having said that, the chat function may use a minor upgrade.

More Diverse Custom Games

Although it's fun to play against traders and slanted players, there are times when you just want to practice. Psyonix has two options for assisting in this situation.

Having the ability to invite friends to your practice could be really beneficial when it comes to pass plays, tactical pinches, and a variety of other skills.

I can only think what else the Rocket League community might come up with if this procedure was made easy. Although custom maps can approximate this, it is a far more time-consuming procedure that is normally not available to console players.

More Varied Bots

Harder bots, on the other hand, would not only help you improve while your internet is down, but they might also make the overall experience more enjoyable. Beating down your AI opponents would be fun again with a number of limiters and champ-level bots.


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