The Seattle Seahawks will make some major adjustments on the defensive end during the offseason

It appears as though the Seattle Seahawks are going to make some major shakeups on the defensive side of the ball this offseason. The Legion of Boom was once the most feared defense in the NFL, but as tends to happen, Seattle is looking to get younger and reset, seeing the decline of that group that is coming.

Richard Sherman reportedly told his teammates goodbye this week, although nothing has been made official. Another defensive leader in defensive end Michael Bennett was dealt on Wednesday to Philadelphia.

As so often happens in the NFL, the package sent by the Eagles for Bennett seemed to not be equal value for the kind of player Bennett still is as a pass rusher. The NFL’s concept of trade value is vastly different than it is in the NBA, but a fifth-round pick and receiver Marcus Johnson for Bennett and a seventh still felt like a steal for Philly. Bennett has three years and $18 million remaining on his deal, but even still that’s not a huge cap blow to take on.

To see if public perception was possibly skewed on this deal, Brian Coulter of BGN Radio fired up his copy of Madden 18 to see if the virtual Seahawks would take this deal and the answer was a pretty emphatic no from the game.


There are obviously other things that go into deciding to do a trade that video games can’t simulate, but this isn’t a ringing endorsement of the package Seattle got back in return. It does, however, confirm that those of us who raised an eyebrow at the deal were probably right to wonder if the Seahawks could’ve asked for more.

That said, there just might not have been a great market for Bennett out there, considering there have been reports a number of teams were talking with Seattle about him and this was the deal they took.

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