We list the rank of 10 best weapons in Escape From Tarkov


The weapons in Escape From Tarkov are diverse. Here's a ranking of the absolute best available.

Escape from Tarkov is already in its fourth year, offering players plenty of opportunities to try out the game's various weapons. The best weaponry to use will be determined by several criteria. Playstyle is one of the most common. In heated zones, PMCs who favor PVP will often want to be up close and personal with an SMG.

A versatile alternative like the M4A1 5.56 is generally preferred by conservative gamers. A large number of members in the community also love fighting with a changeable sniper in big open terrain. Without focusing on a specific map or playstyle, the following list lists the best weapons in the game. The following weapons, which are listed from worst to best, can be used by all Tarkov players.

10. FN 5-7

FN 5-7.jpg

The FN 5-7 is Tarkov's greatest pistol. The pistol's iron sights are one of the most appealing features. The FN is laser-accurate, unlike several of the Tarkov pistols, which can be difficult to aim. The handgun features a big 20-round magazine and a powerful punch when fired close to the body. Sniper players will appreciate having this tiny destroyer in their back pocket. The FN can take players out of the game early in a raid with just one headshot.

9. KS-23


The KS-23 is available to new players at a rather early stage in their game. It's one of the few novice guns with a single-shot capability. The weapon is incredibly simple to operate, especially for people who have just played for a few hours. Although it appears to be cheap, it is in the game, so why not utilize it? On smaller maps, the KS-23 functions effectively as a close-quarters support weapon in buildings and hallways.

8. PP-19-01


Because of how simple it is to set up, the PP-19 had to be included on our list. This weapon will perform exceptionally well in game with simply a Cobra Reflex. Because no one loots the PP-19 for some reason, gamers who are murdered with it will most likely merely lose their sight. While the weapon isn't the most powerful, it's as precise as any SMG after the first few rounds. Test the gun out if you're new to the game or weary of wasting Roubles on pricey builds.

7. MP7A1


The MP7 is without a doubt an S-tier weapon. No other SMG has a chance at short to medium range. At long ranges, however, hitting targets without pulling the trigger will be difficult. The SMG boasts a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and a large magazine.

However, finding AP SX ammo for the MP7 can be difficult. Unfortunately, players will not be able to buy massive quantities of ammo. Because of the weapon's accessibility concerns, it's generally best to utilize the Vector 9X19.

6. M700


The M700, unlike the DVL-10, can be customized. On maps with long sightlines, such as Woods and Shoreline, the bolt action sniper is a pleasure to employ. Gamers can use the M700 in conjunction with the KS-23 to annihilate PMCs in raids. The gun is more accurate, has a higher bullet velocity, and has a better feel than the other options in the game. PMCs who are currently employing other snipers should check this weapon out.

5. Vector 9X19

Vector 9X19.jpg

With the correct attachments, the Vector is Tarkov's most powerful SMG. It boasts good accuracy, manageable recoil, and enough ammo to take out several adversaries. The Vector and the MP7 are nearly identical, but the Vector is easier to obtain, and players will have no trouble finding ammo. The Vector's main advantage over other SMGs is its range and consistency. The Vector can fire at ranges that other SMGs can't match. While it's understandable to choose alternative selections, the Vector will be the most popular SMG for the vast majority of users.

4. M4A1


The M4 is perhaps the most popular assault rifle choice in the community. The weapon is quite good with upgrades. It boasts manageable recoil, good damage, and a quick enough fire rate for close-quarters fighting. Because it is a reliable weapon, the M4 is a common weapon in the game. Gamers of all skill levels may pick it up and feel confident challenging foes across a wide range of distances.

3. MK-18


The VEPR Hunter and MK-18 are the best options in the Carbine/DMR class. It's difficult to tell the two firearms apart. Both are effective, precise, and enjoyable to use. The MK-18 does, however, have a tiny advantage because of the lovely sound it makes as a round departs the chamber.

2. VEPR Hunter

VEPR Hunter.jpg

On almost every map, the VEPR will dominate in PVP. Even without sight, the rifle boasts tremendous damage and accuracy. Because of how unfair the gun can be at times, many individuals are utilizing it right now. The VEPR is a threat on maps that encourage early game movement. Skilled players can even get by without using a secondary weapon in raids. The VEPR is currently the best carbine in terms of numbers and performance.

1. HK 416A5


In the assault rifle class, the M4 and MDR are two more excellent choices. The HK had to be featured in this list due to the amount of damage it causes. One well-placed headshot can sometimes be enough to eliminate players early in the game. The HK has a higher damage per shot than the MDR and fires at a faster rate than the M4. It may require a more experienced player to master the HK, but it outperforms the other assault weapons.


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