[Web News] NFL November regular season has all the strength of the end of the list of the strength o

NFL November regular season has all ended, the situation has begun to gradually clear the playoffs. In the last week of the game, the chiefs in Denver won a thrilling overtime battle, Raiders who completed a hearty reversal in the Panthers, while the Seahawks are depressed to the pirates, these games are also Have a new strength of the team's top spot had some impact.

NFL实力榜第十三期 牛仔排榜首布朗难求一胜

1. Dallas Cowboys, 10 wins and 1 losses, last week: No. 1

Quarterback Ducker - Prescott in the past three games in the fourth quarter and overtime data is 33 pass 30, the Cowboys also achieved a ten-game winning streak. Prescott has a quarterback overall rating of 89.8 in the fourth quarter of this season, the league's first. The team then went to Minnesota.

2. Auckland Raiders, 9 wins, 2 losses, last week: No. 4

After nine wins, the Raiders have determined that the team will be the first time since 2002, more than half of the winning percentage of the end of the season. Quarterback Derek - Karl in the past two seasons came in 13 in the fourth quarter equalizer or go-ahead score of the touchdowns, more than the same period of the Union more than 6 as much as the second.

3. New England Patriots, 9 wins, 2 losses, last week: No. 3

The focus of the victory is no longer the quarterback Tom - Brady, but the team's defensive team, the seventh time this season, dropping points in 20 points below control. This makes it easier for the Rams to play against the weak Rams.

4. Seattle Seahawks, 7 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw, last week: 2nd

Seahawks' winning percentage is still enough to rank third in the League, but this is the third time this season the team in a game in a touchdown did not. The team will be followed by the league's 23rd offensive team usher in the old rival panthers challenge.

5. Denver Broncos, 7 wins, 4 losses, last week: fifth

For the Mustang, the outcome of the ball is the key to the pros and cons. This season, when the team gains and losses better than the opponent, the record is 5 wins and 0 losses, worse than the opponent, the record is 2 wins and 4 losses. The next game to Jacksonville, the ball will be what is the pros and cons of the situation.

6. Kansas City Chiefs, 8 wins and 3 losses, last week: seventh

Outside took over Terrik - Hill last round to achieve a fifty years after the feat, single field at the same time completed the red ball, catch and kick back offensive array, which gives the chief of the offensive group Of inspiration, after all, go to Atlanta, the team does need to point morale.

7. Detroit Lions, 7-4, last week: 10th

For Detroit, leading the team forward is the two Matt (Matthew's nickname), quarterback Stafford this season has 7 times led the team in the fourth quarter or overtime to play a decisive victory in the group Attack, and kicker Pratt career in the fourth quarter or overtime has never missed the free kick to equalize or overtake the score.

8. Atlanta Falcons, 7-4, last week: 8th

The Falcons attacked the team again, scoring four times in the last five games. However, their next round of the opponent Chiefs this season, seven times to score less than 20 opponents.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers, 6-5, last week: 13th

Since the runaway Levine - Bell back, he and outside took over Antonio - Brown participated in the team 63% offensive team code number, which is the highest proportion of the same period a pair of partners. The team is the next opponent is already a 6-game winning streak of the giant.

10. New York Giants, 8 wins, 3 losses, last week: No. 6

So far, the Giants have played in the league's fourth easy schedule, the team's recent six-game winning streak, including as the Rams, Bears and Brown such a belly. But the next round of the Steelers will certainly be much more difficult.

11. Washington Redskins, 6 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw, last week: 9th

2 wins and 1 draw in the past five games is not outstanding, but the quarterback Cork - Cousins ​​72% hit rate and 369 yards 11 touchdowns 1 steal data is very conspicuous. Washington goes on to Arizona.

12. Miami Dolphins, 7 wins, 4 losses, last week: 17th

Dolphins last six-game winning streak, the team coach or college football legend Nick - Saban, it is already a decade ago. The last 7-game winning streak, or 30 years ago, Dan - Marino era.

13. Baltimore Ravens, 6 wins, 5 losses last week: 14th

Players Justin - Tucker this season, 34 foot all hit, the last round is three attempts to 50 yards away all scored, people staggering. He may be the team this year's MVP.

14. Tampa Bay Pirates, 6 wins, 5 losses, last week: 22nd

Pirates after three years to get three consecutive victories, if you can win a game, so the number of winning more than losing two more, then it will be the first time in four years. That they will strive to achieve in San Diego.

15. San Diego Lightning, 5-6, last week: 25th

But San Diego is not a vegetarian, if not too strong opponents in this area, their record will be better than now. Lightning is currently with the District Civil War is 1 wins 3 losses, while the other opponents are 4 wins and 3 losses.

16. Houston Texans, 6-5, last week: 16th

This season there are three quarterback steals more than array. Keith - Zinum and Ryan - Fitzpatrick's main position is either insecure, or is precarious. While the Texas people Brock - Aosiweile is still no suspense will lead the team next week against the Packers.

17. Buffalo Bill, 6-5, last week: 17th

Bill returned to a 6-5 record, and the net margin ranked sixth in the league, more than 8 wins and 3 losses of the chiefs, and even 9 wins and 2 losses raiders scored more points, the latter is the next round of Bill opponent.

18. Minnesota Vikings, 6-5, last week: 12th

The Vikings have won six of their last six games, averaging just 16.5 points per game, but the chances of reaching the playoffs are still as high as 56 percent. If the end of the Cowboys winning streak on Thursday, the team will be able to return to winning track.

19. Tennessee Titans, 6 wins, 6 losses, last week: 19th

Quarterback Marcus - Mario Tower in the past eight games each more than a passing touchdowns, a total of 21, he and Titan this week bye, for this hot state I do not know is good or bad.

20. The Philadelphia Eagles, 5-6, last week: 15th

Quarterback Carson - Wendts side of the teammates one after another of the injured down, he was a little clever to bricks without straw. Hawks wide receiver catch the ball this season, the number of yards for the league 28, the ball number 30 for the league. But the Hawks next opponent Tigers also did not AJ-Green.

21. New Orleans Saints, 5-6, last week: 23rd

Drew - Brisbane has just completed the first career of the 30 + touchdowns season, tied Bret - Faffe and Payton - Manning's record. Next week at home against the Lions, he will fight for redouble their efforts.

22. Carolina Panthers, 4 wins and 7 losses last week: No. 20

Quarterback Kam - Newton 5 games over the past five touchdowns. Last season, he single-game five touchdowns game there are three. The next round to Seattle to face Seahawks, this year's poor state of Newton is a challenge.

23. Arizona Cardinals, 4 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw, last week: 21st

Quarterback Carson - Palmer this year so far the number of sacking has been more than last year, and his steals also tied last year, the Cardinals in the past 5 games only 1 win. Perhaps the 36-year-old veteran's career in Arizona is over.

24. Green Bay Packers, 5-6, last week: 24th

Packers whatever the outcome is the end of the four-game losing streak, lost only 13 points is the second season less, after four consecutive games, but lost 30 points. Fortunately, the team next opponent Texas attack is also very general.

25. Indianapolis Colts, 5-6, last week: 18th

Substitute quarterback Scott - Tuoqin have the ability to get the team to get enough yardage, but can not get touchdowns, the team twice in front of the opponent in front of a line of defense was down. The next Andrew-Lark's return should change the situation.

26. New York Jets, 3 wins and 8 losses last week: 28th

Jets defense group three consecutive games without making opponents lose the ball, and the team also three-game losing streak. Jet net -13 gains and losses are currently the league's second-worst difference, while the next round opponent pony in the protection of the ball this is also very good to do, 11 rounds of the ball only 13 times.

27. Los Angeles Rams, 4 wins, 7 losses, last week: 27th

Last week, the face of the saints, rookie quarterback Jared - Gough in the first half 3 touchdowns, is the first since 2010 to team history, but his second half only 47 yards 1 steals, the team scored 0 points. The next round of the Patriots, but also need to come up with the team the best performance Caixing.

28. Cincinnati Tigers, 3 wins, 7 losses and 1 level, last week: 26th

For the first time in his career did not take over AJ-Green's game, the quarterback Andy - Dalton to the outside of the passing rate of only 50% for the season low. Next to play the Hawks, the team record has not be lost.

29. Jacksonville Jaguar, 2 wins and 9 losses last week: 30th

Lost the first round of the first nine games to ensure that the Jaguar consecutive sixth season winning percentage of less than half. As a number of Denver veteran team, the Jaguar next will usher in the Mustang's visit.

30. Chicago bears, 2 wins and 9 losses last week: 29th

The Bears' picks have not caught the ball eight times without defensive pressure in the last round, which would be staggering, or they would not lose to the Titans. This week, the 49-man squad may decide on next year's draft.

31. San Francisco 49 people, 1 wins and 10 losses last week: 31st

According to this go on, 49 people may even complete the 15-game losing streak also failed to sign the champion. The team in the remaining five games only one chance to win more than half of the face of his first week to defeat the ram.

32. Cleveland Brown, 0-12, last week: 32nd

Brown with 12 battle all ink record into the bye week, but from a positive aspect, said the team has 10 times to complete the fourth gear storm the league up to take over this year to take over the small Terrell - Prairie catch the ball code The number eight league, the team is also the eighth league rushed the ball, line guard Christian - Kexi the number of grappling coalition, while the Cavaliers 15 games before the record is 13 wins and 2 losses.