[Web News] The Patriots team celebrated Brady's record

The Patriots team celebrated Brady's record

After the New England Patriots won the New York Jets, Patriot's record came to 9 wins and 2 losses, while the great player Tom - Brady also completed a historic breakthrough, won the first 200 individual victories. In the dressing room after the game the atmosphere is very warm. The whole team up and down in the celebration of Patriot's great leader Brady's record moment, due to the special team leader and atmosphere of the Slytherde wounded sidelined, defense team captain McCourtie led the team changed the slogan after the game congratulations, they kept "Congratulations TB12!" Even Brady, like the 39-year-old "Old Age," continues to create legends that are worth learning.


Texans quarterback continued criticism

In the weekend's game, the Houston Texans lost to the San Diego Lightning team, the Texas team "72 million US dollars" Mr. Bullock - Aosiweile in the game back to the bad state of the past three outgoing steals, But did not pass a touchdowns. Twelve weeks later, in the NFL league statistics offensive touchdown score, the Houston Texans League bottom of the season, their offensive level is even lower than the unbeaten Cleveland Browns, which is also attributed to Ausiweile, Oswille is the rare starting quarterback (13) is currently being steals the ball over the array (12). Now Houston fans on the replacement of the starting quarterback voice seems to have started to rise again in the game, Houston fans again to the sky boos gave Oswiler. The next two weeks, the Texans will play against the Green Bay Packers and rivals in the same area, if not to win the ponies, Texas is likely to lose the location of the first division name, thus losing the opportunity in the playoffs , Will also be Oswille to prove his last chance. While the current head coach O'Brien Texas still believe Aosiweile ....

Mustang coach said the team should learn to control emotions

Denver coach Gary - Kubiak for cornerback Arkibi - Talibu and wide receiver Jordan - Norwood emotional problems in the game made a statement: "Emotion is that we need to correct the problem, we should control I want the players to learn to compete, but we need them to control their emotions.We fight together, but we will not contradict each other.It is a matter of fact, They will understand the game Norwood once again did not receive the abandoned kick, which makes Tarib in the back is very angry, and Taribu severely pushed Norwood.

Los Angeles Rams high-level team problems began to tear X.

Los Angeles Rams celebrities, running back Eric - Dixon is very dissatisfied with the recent ram situation. Dixon in 1983 as a rookie runback set a record of 1850 yards rookie rushing, but recently Dixon's remarks to the management of the Ram some of the unhappy, "our quartet coach can not afford to guide the attack, we use the champion to sign the choice A quarterback, so please show me what you've done and I do not think the Rams have the right coaching for Jared Gough, so it's not that bad now, or he's not going to be that bad. "Dixon Blatant criticism of the coach's rhetoric to Rams executives is very unhappy, because it directly questioned the ability of senior candidates. Rams management did not welcome Dixon from the team too close, they do not want to Dixon to the stadium or on the sidelines, because his remarks hurt the players and coaches.