What Future Expansion Plans Does Grinding Gear Games Have?

Grinding Gear Games team has been hard at work on a variety of Blight improvements that are coming soon. Tomorrow's news post is a roundup of what Grinding Gear Games's improving. Today we want to take a moment to talk about plans for the future expansions.

In the week following the release of a new expansion, many members of the development team shift their focus to designing and creating the next one (while others continue to improve the recently-released league). They have now begun this process with 3.9.0, which will be released in early December. This particular cycle is an interesting one because of the presence of ExileCon (November 16-17), so we explain how it'll work timing-wise.

As you know, Grinding Gear Games release new expansions (which contain challenge leagues, balance changes and new game features) every 13 weeks. They do not expect to vary this timeline in the near future, so over the next year we're roughly looking at:

Early December 2019: 3.9.0 Expansion (announced at ExileCon in November)

Early March 2020: 3.10.0 Expansion (announced in February)

Early June 2020: 3.11.0 Expansion (announced in May)

Early September 2020: 3.12.0 Expansion (announced in August)

And so on, with new expansions every 13 weeks until 4.0.0 is ready

It's important to understand that due to its scope, 4.0.0 is likely at least a year away from full release. Despite it being quite far from completion, they will both announce it and have a playable demo at ExileCon this year.

In addition to the big 4.0.0 announcement. They'll also announce the 3.9.0 expansion and its challenge league at ExileCon, which is around three weeks before they launch. We may see this on the active demo machine.


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