What is Rocket League Sonic Flip?

What is Rocket League Sonic Flip?

Recently in Rocket League, a brand new very useful mechanic called Sonic Flip discovered, which involves a front flip into hell flip that transition into a wave dash, and it’s a great way to pick up speed and get you going supersonic with that one flip. This allows you get it across the map pretty quick, maybe even do kickoffs really quick.

How to do Sonic Flip in Rocket League?

It’s a little hard to master but once you understand the steps, and it’s broken down. You can practice each step individually and hopefully that will help you lead into the full movement.

Step 1

1. Drive forward

2. Jump and lean forward

3. Execute a Front Flip

4. Land on front wheels naturally

Tips: Don’t move the analog stick at all to force the landing on your front wheels, this should just happen naturally

Step 2

1. Drive forward

2. Jump and lean forward

3. Front Flip

4. Hold Drift

5. Land on front wheels naturally while holding drift

Tips: Hold the drift button down just keep it held down as you make the landing


Step 3

1. While not driving, jump and lean forward.

2. Land naturally on your front wheels.

3. Right as your back wheels touch the ground, jump. This will cause you to do a wheelie.

Step 4

1. Do the entire movement but now just jump when your back wheels touch the ground which will make you do a short wheelie.

2. Immediately as you do the wheelie, press up and jump as you would when doing a wave dash.

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Sep 4, 2019