What we all know the fall Update about Animal Crossing New Horizons

At present, we only know that September has brought new critters to catch and resources to gather, we do not know the opposite content, we will only wait. But we got two pieces of summer DLC. It's unclear whether the content of the upcoming autumn edition is going to be split, but it's very likely.

In the pre-release Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo announced a seasonal update, featuring Jack and Franklin, remarking that their respective holidays are close to entering New Horizons. Jack is that the arbiter of Halloween, and Franklin is at the helm of Animal Crossing's Thanksgiving equivalent, the Harvest Festival. thanks to the way summer content is released, Nintendo is probably going to adopt an equivalent approach within the fall update. we will see that the October update featuring Jack and therefore the November update adds Franklin.


It is difficult to understand what content Nintendo will include within the game, but the past Animal Crossing games have given us some inspiration. Historically, Jack brought candy, villager mini-games and Creepy furniture set, so It's likely we'll see these staples head to New Horizons. For Franklin, his events revolve around cooking a vibrant feast-which is restricted by previous game mechanics. With the crafting system in New Horizons, it's likely that we'll see this event double-down on.

We can also reminisce at New Horizons'biggest celebration thus far, Bunny Day. Bunny Day, sort of a passive event of the sport, includes Pascal's scallop obsession, emphasizing the gathering of exclusive resources to use in new crafting recipes. it's almost inevitable that the autumn update will continue this trend. In New Leaf, Jack will provide player items with some Creepy furniture set in exchange for candy, but in New Horizons, he may give the player crafting recipes instead. After all, this seems to be the trend of the latest Horizons series furniture sets, like Pascal's Mermaid set.

Most of the discussion about the fall update remains supported speculation, but we'll learn more soon. Lolga.com will still concentrate on the new content of Animal Crossing, and that we will inform you of the newest news.

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2020-09-17 13:59:12