What's Path of Exile Passive Skill Tree and How to Build It?

Introduction to Passive Skill Tree 

Passive Skill Tree, an important part of Path of Exile, is worth exploring for all players throughout the world. The passive skill tree is a large network of stats and raw attributes increases for the player's character. All classes use the same tree, but start in different places. When a character levels up or completes certain quests, he or she gains one skill point. A skill point allows the player to allocate a node on the skill tree, provided that it is already connected to an allocated node. This is how the character's passive path is formed. 

Every character in Path of Exile has access to the passive skill tree with as many as 1325 skill nodes. The ability of a single node to strength skill can be directly distinguished from the size of the nodes. The smallest skill tree nodes can provide some basic additive attributes for characters; the medium-sized nodes can provide some enhanced composite effects and attributes; the largest nodes can provide some effects that directly affect the professional characteristics and role positioning. Players can create their own unique character league through the selection of POE talent tree, with some unique skills and equipment.


How to Build Path of Exile Skill Tree

If you're making up your own build, you should understand these features of the passive skill tree:

Starting Areas: Your character starts with points in a certain area, but you can also feel free to work towards other classes' nodes.

Paths: Much of the skill tree consists of paths that offer a +10 bonus to one of the three core stats. Try to pick up the stat you need as you work towards other features on the tree.

Clusters: Groups of similarly themed nodes, often with an icon in the center of them. Clusters come in many sizes and often have a gold-colored skill that is especially powerful and desirable.

Keystones: Unique nodes that change the balance of game mechanics for your character. Each one has an amazing buff but also a significant penalty to consider.

If you want to adjust your passive build during gameplay, there are Passive Skill Refund points available from quests or relatively rare items in the game that can be found or traded for. Fixing mistakes with a character build or improving small-medium sized aspects is relatively easy, but players who want to try substantially divergent character builds are encouraged to play a new character through the game, organically leveling it up rather than just respeccing into it.

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Jun 25, 2019