What's Your Opinion on the Popular Escape from Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is very different from most games of its genre. It's much more tactical than other FPS games in some situations. In a survival game, it can be fun and silly with adding difficulty, but where it shines is how you play it, and how the game works. 

As a unique game, Escape from Tarkov has a stash to put your weapons and equipment you found in your ventures. It has AI that can, and will surround you, fill you with bullets and laugh at your corpse in their drunken and twisted mind. Instead of walking huge distances and finding no one, you can get into a match and cause havoc by yourself, or with friends.


Escape from Tarkov is also brutal. Once you make a mistake, you may lose that shiny M4 or AK that you've hoarded for days, and modified to your dreams to some person who has a thousand of them already. Unlike other games that are survival based, Escape from Tarkov is what it aims to be, and does it well! 

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