You can get various gifts by buying Brewster's coffee

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update introduced some new features for players to play with. The return of popular NPC Brewster and his museum café, The Roost, was featured in this update in November 2021. Brewster's reappearance to the game brings back memories for those who have played previous Animal Crossing titles.

After speaking with Blathers, who will ask them to find Brewster on an island tour with Kapp'n, the Roost can be opened. After that, players can speak with Brewster, who will tell them to return to Blathers. The player will be informed by Blathers that the museum will be closed due to construction. After players have invited Brewster to their island, the Roost will open two days later. Once the café is open, players can purchase a 200 Bell cup of coffee, hang out with friends, and invite Amiibo characters to visit.

The update included more than Brewster and his quaint café. Brewster will reward players for purchasing his coffee. By visiting The Roost every day in ACNH, players can build a relationship with Brewster. Although spending 200 Bells every day may seem excessive, it pays off because the player will receive gifts from Brewster if they buy coffee on a regular basis.

Brewster's Gifts In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Players should include a visit to The Roost in their daily routine since Brewster will reward them for purchasing coffee by giving them various items. Brewster, for example, will give the player a recipe for his Roost Sablé Cookie, which is a cookie shaped like Brewster's head, once the player buys six cups of coffee. To prepare the cookie, players will need 1 Flour and 2 Sugar. It will fill the player's stamina gauge by five points and can be sold for 950 Bells. So, this way may be a good method for those players who lack ACNH bells. By the way, if you want to buy cheap ACNH bells from some online place, LOLGA definitely is your best option.

Players will receive a beautiful bag of Coffee Beans after purchasing twelve cups of coffee from Reese and Cyrus in Harv's Island Plaza, which can be tweaked to a favorite blend by Reese and Cyrus. For 1,000 Bells, players can reorder Coffee Beans from the Nook Shopping app. After sixteen days of coffee orders, the player will receive a Cup With Saucer with The Roost's logo on the side. This item can be reordered for 1,200 Bells on the Nook Shopping app. Finally, after the player has purchased twenty-one cups of coffee, Brewster will present them with a gorgeous Coffee Plant, which may be reordered for 1,600 Bells from Nook Shopping.

The Siphon will be given to the player if they have visited Brewster and purchased his coffee for thirty-one days. This furniture item can look great in a player's kitchen and can be purchased for 2,400 Bells from Nook Shopping. After purchasing forty-one cups of coffee, Brewster will give the player a Pro Coffee Grinder, which can be reordered for 3,200 Bells from Nook Shopping. ACNH's Brewstoid is Brewster's final gift, delivered to the player after purchasing fifty-one cups of coffee. The Brewstoid is a Brewster Gyroid that when positioned emits a cooing sound. The Brewstoid, unlike many of Brewster's gifts, cannot be repurchased. As a result, if players want to get this rare gyroid, they should keep buying coffee from Brewster.

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