You can get Volare’s Island Soul by completing the questline of Volare Island


Lost Ark, which was released in February this year, is an MMO game where players have a lot to discover. It places great emphasis on exploration, whether in dungeons or across Arkesia's various kingdoms.

There are also several seas to explore, as well as nearly a hundred islands. They provide several opportunities for adventure and reward. One of them is Volare Island, which is difficult to complete.  It's an uncommon island.

In Volare, players can obtain the Island Soul by collecting three Mokoko seeds, completing a questline, and completing a questline. Redeeming their souls at the Goddess' statue at Opher, the Lonely Island, will bring them rewards. If you're out of luck, getting this Island Soul can take a long time. Here's how you can get it.

How to get Volare's Island Soul token in Lost Ark

The players must first reach this island in order to complete it. You might discover it on your map, but if its time window hasn't opened yet or has already closed, you'll find an empty space in the sea when you arrive. The item's recommended average level is 250.

The following are the steps to enter the island.

1. On the left side of the screen, click the blue stopwatch. It'll bring up a list of events.

2. Keep an eye out for the next Volare Island opening and remember the experiences. If your menu is cluttered with stuff you've already finished, you can disable their alarms to make it easier to detect significant events.

3. If you won't be able to log in during the next time window, open your calendar at the top of the page and look for a time when you can.

4. In the search bar section, look for Volare Island. If you want to see where it is, zoom out to the world map.

5. When the time window opens, go there. You can wait until it closes, but because you'll have a co-op quest to complete, it's best to go ahead and get there early.

You'll be able to complete a co-op quest with the other players on the island once you've entered. It will take you 100 crocodiles and two deadly crocodiles to complete the task. The better your score, the better your rewards will be. After completing the quests, you'll receive a certain amount of Secret Chests of Volare, with the Volare Island Soul token being one of the possible rewards. You'll get more chests if you attain a higher rank, so join a group and put your luck to the test.

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