[FIFA News] Demon wing first show hat-trick Germany 8-0 customer wins lead

San Marino local time on the 11th 20: 45,2018 World Cup European qualifier Group C match start a race, the German away 8-0 victory over San Marino, Hedi La first, Kanaburi first show hat-trick, Hector Into 2 balls, Stefanoi Zigzag Oolong, Volland icing on the cake. Germany to 5 points lead.

Gurnabri and Henri Heath for the first time on behalf of the German appearance, two people after the opening of the active, Henri Heath the edge of the restricted area of ​​the shot wide, Gnabry then Henri Heath low pass after the shovel is the other Goalkeeper under the pregnant buy fifa 17 coins. The game was played in heavy rain. Germany 3 minutes into the 2 ball, 7 minutes, Jingduan An Chuan, Hedi La go past goalkeeper after close-up empty door network. The first 9 minutes, San Marino players in the melee rescue mistakes, Gnubri restricted area on the left side of 12 yards into the far corner, 2-0.

Gomez right-sided transmission, Gurnaburi far point missed the ball. Germany continuous access to corner kicks, Hu Meiers header was confiscated. Gunaburi left inside the restricted area before the shot missed the near corner. Henri Heath pass, Hedi La shot within the restricted area is still wide. Beijing more than a small angle free kick was saved, then in the melee shot a little higher than the external shot. 32 minutes, grid policy pass, Hector 12 yards Tuishe broke, 3-0. Gomez counterattack pass, grid policy cut into the restricted area on the left side of the shot was confiscated. Before the end of the half, Muller and Gomez have scored the first offside was sentenced invalid.


Germany continue to pressure the second half, Henri Heath corner shot melee outside shooting, Beijing Doran free kick shot hit the wall after the deflection of the right side of the column sideways offset. Gomez hit the edge of the area hit the high. Jingduo An restricted area on the right side of the pass was denied, grid policy outside the edge of the area a little shot higher. 58 minutes, Kimmich biography, the offside off the success of the Gunner bury 10 yards at the bottom right corner of the fire, 4-0. The first 65 minutes, grid policy corner melee in the restricted area on the left side of the return, Hector small upper left corner stabbed shot into the net, 5-0.

Gnabri pass, just off the bench Meyer a small left side of the box shot was saved. 76 minutes, Muller cross-pass, unguarded Gunaburi 10 yards at the volley pad shot ball rebound, 6-0. 82 minutes, Volland corner kick in the restricted area on the right side of the pass, Stefanoi Zigzag Oolong, 7-0. The first 85 minutes, Mueller restricted area on the right side of the pass, Volland stopped at 10 yards after turning low injection network, 8-0.

Hedi La (77 ', Gretzka), Gandhian, Humei, Hector, Hedi La (77', Gretzka), the German (4-2-3-1) ; Muller, Gertz (71 ', Meyer), Gnubri; Gomez (71', Wolland)

The other two games in the same group, the Czech Republic 2 to 1 win at home in Norway, Northern Ireland 4-0 home victory over Azerbaijan.