How to get Metal Spare Parts in Escape From Tarkov and What they are used to

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As we know, Escape From Tarkov now is getting hot. To some new guys, some of the Escape From Tarkov things they want to know is about how to get Metal Spare Parts, and also how to use these things. Today, we are going to talk about it.

Metal Spare Parts are a new resource in Escape From Tarkov that can be collected in a variety of locations and may be used for crafting and upgrading.

Escape From Tarkov gets regular updates, and each one adds something new to the game, such as the recently added Metal Spare Parts resource. This new resource is required for a number of Hideout upgrades, as well as being a crafting ingredient in a number of recipes. Metal Spare Parts, like the new Sewing Kits in Escape From Tarkov, can be found on different maps in different spots.

Before picking up Metal Spare Parts, players must ensure that they have enough space in their inventory to store these resources. Players can use a backpack to free up inventory space, which is important in Escape From Tarkov. Metal Spare Parts only take up one inventory space, but players will need a lot of them to accomplish every upgrade that requires for them.

Where to find  Metal Spare Parts

Metal Spare Parts can be found on the ground or in unexpected places, such as the metal shelving units found in Interchange's warehouses. Metal Spare Parts can also be found in a Toolbox or a Sport Bag. Players wishing for a large number of Metal Spare Parts should investigate the treasure locations around each map, especially the newest map in Escape From Tarkov, Lighthouse. This resource is usually found on top of shelves, woodpiles, or other EFT items where randomized loot can be found.

What could Metal Spare Parts be used 

Metal Spare Parts, like the Sewing Kits that were just added to Escape From Tarkov, are utilized for crafting. Metal Spare Parts are required to build a Lucky Scav Junkbox, a Grenade Case, and the FP-100 Filter Absorber. A few extra materials, such as Nuts and Bolts, will be required for each of these craftable products. Metal Spare Parts are required to enhance your Hideout in Escape From Tarkov, in addition to crafting specific items.


Metal Spare Parts are a new resource in Escape From Tarkov that players can find and gather throughout the game. It may take some time to get Metal Spare Parts, however, some maps, such as Lighthouse, have more of the resource than others. In Escape From Tarkov, once players have gathered enough Metal Spare Parts, they can utilize them to craft EFT items and upgrade their Hideout.


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